Even Coco Chanel Did Market Research (and why you should, too)

Even Coco Chanel Did Market Research
(and why you should too)
by Robyn McKay, PhD

When you think about Coco Chanel, the first thing that occurs to you is probably not scientist or researcher, right? 

5412fd36-736c-4a41-96c6-cfa7878588c2No. If you’re a history of fashion buff like me, you think about her innovations – the jersey dress… the way she unceremoniously ditched the corset… and PANTS!

PANTS, people!


As it turns out, Coco’s style of research was practical and effective – even without

Here’s what happened…

32e7fd611708784710b5d1b991413924When she was developing her most famous fragrance, Chanel No. 5, Coco kept an atomizer at the table during dinners at swanky French restaurants, where members of the Little Black Dress (LBD) set – Coco’s target market – could be found sipping champagne and nibbling on escargot. Every time a woman walked by Coco’s table, she spritzed the air with the disarming scent.

Soon enough, with the LBD set clamoring to discover where they could find the unusual fragarance, Coco launched Chanel No. 5 in Paris, and well, you know the rest of the story.

All this to say, sometimes your target market doesn’t know what they want until you show it to them.

It’s your work in your marketing to create a genuine desire for your product or service that will fulfill one of the basic desires that we all have. You’ll probably remember Maslow’s heirarchy from Psych 101, right?

There are three major types of desires that you’ve got to understand about your target audience:

  • Their desire for love and belonging
  • Their desire for self-esteem
  • Their desire for self-actualization

Which needs do you address in your programs?

How do you connect in with your target audience’s desires? If you’re tapping their desires, you’ll have enough ideal clients to fill your calendar and have a waiting list. If your calendar is dotted, not filled, then go back to your research, connect with your target market, and find out as much as you can about your ideal clients’ desires.

Take a note from Coco. Go where your target market hangs out. Connect with them. Ask questions. Get to know them.

And remember, you’re an expert in your field.

What’s your version of Coco’s Chanel No. 5?  How will you conduct your own market research?

Leave a comment below and tell me what’s one thing you’ll do this week to get to know exactly what your target market wants or desires from you and your business? 

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