New shoes & 6 months of rent in the bank

New shoes & 6 months of rent in the bank

Did you know that globally, women make up 40% of the workforce, but only possess 1% of the wealth? (that’s according to the World Bank, and that’s a problem)

She{ology} is on a mission to change the landscape of the global economy by helping women become the masters and commanders of their own money flow – (inflows and outflows, darling)


Because when women have their own money, they make excellent decisions for themselves, their families, and their communities.


And, as a women in business you have the unique opportunity to do your part to change the global economy, too.

However you, like a lot of the women entrepreneurs I talk to, probably play victim to this fear:

What if the money runs out?

Listen, I get it. When you rely on yourself, rather than an employer, to put cash in the accounts it’s easy to panic if the money doesn’t appear in a timely fashion. Especially when you’ve got a big want – like a new coaching program or those cute Loubs.

Or rent. (Man, do I know what it’s like to scrape for rent)

As awesome as it would be to wiggle your nose and command the magical appearance of money in your hot little hand a la Samantha from Bewitched, there’s a very important action you’re leaving out of that fantasy.

If you’re going to be the master and commander of your money flow, you’ve got to master the art of sales.  

Money manifestation on a regular, consistent basis still is done through the “normal channels of commerce”.

AKA sales.

The good news is you don’t have to crash and burn through 100 calls in order to improve your ability to sell. Put yourself through sales training by doing the following things:

Practice asking for the sale. (“I’d love to work with you!” “You’re a great candidate for the program.”) Ask for the sale in the shower, doing the dishes, to your dog, but speak it aloud and often.

Practice saying the price of your program out loud without flinching, like you’re saying “pass the salt” (Learned that one from Kendall Summerhawk, genius). Listen, no one’s buying your $5K program if you choke on the price yourself.

Most importantly, remember, if you’re talking too much during your sales conversations, you’re not selling, you’re telling. When you tell your prospective client how great you are, you’re trying to convince her to work with you. And when you do that, you run the risk of repelling the very client who’s perfect for you.

Business mastery, and certainly mastering the business of sales, isn’t an overnight transformation. It takes practice and constant fine-tuning which is something we cover at The ‘Trep Institute, where She{ology} & your biz embark on a 4 month love affair.

At The ‘Trep Institute we cover the four pillars of building a profitable business you love. The Psychology of {Sales} being one of them.

Not only will you learn and practice attracting your ideal clients, you’ll be closing them as well. Can anyone say new shoes and 6 months of rent in the bank?


Schedule your ‘Trep Analysis Session and discover YOUR next step to building a business you love.


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