If you are serious about being the next highly-visible leader in your profession – or the go-to expert in your field – it’s time to create a brand that tells the world exactly who you are so that your ideal clients can find you…make money as an entrepreneur…launch your career into the stratosphere… design the lifestyle that you truly desire… it is your time. 

“Imagine attracting your ideal, high-end clients so that you can have financial
freedom to create a lifestyle that’s based on the science & psychology of {you}

Let’s make it happen.”

she{ology} by Dr. Robyn McKay is all about the science and psychology of women making money. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a world-class leader at the top of your field, a mid-career rock star headed for greater things, or a promising young professional who wants to accelerate and define her journey… our programs and coaching will make a powerful difference.


How are we different?

All leadership and coaching programs are not created equal.

Matching the right coaching program to your needs and personality makes a difference.

Our focus is a completely unique combination of psychology, mentoring and proven tactics developed specifically FOR MULTIFACETED, HIGH-POTENTIAL WOMEN.

Women think differently, react differently and LEAD differently. Women are MOTIVATED differently. 


she{ology} programs are grounded in the science of positive psychology & cutting-edge research on leadership development. 

We begin with a {scientific} assessment of your:
intelligence • creativity • personality

We examine your strengths, values, education and expertise.

We discover your creative flow.

We anticipate and counteract the personality features that undermine your goals …cause you to procrastinate, worry, hide, create drama, take yourself out of the game.

We generate strategies that bring your mission, vision and purpose into focus.

Because we know that when you’re using all of your strengths – what you’re best at –  you’ll attract your ideal, high-end clients, make more money and be your happiest.

Let’s connect the dots between where you are today, where you want to go and what it takes to make it happen.

Ready to create a brand – and a business – that’s {scientifically} you? Let’s go! subscribe or contact us


the she{ology} evolution | WOMEN ON THE RISE


 You’ve prototyped an innovative product or service – but you’re scrambling to make money doing what you love. You keep hitting walls with sales, marketing or branding. WE CAN CLEAR THE WAY.

 You’re a well-respected expert in your field – already in the c-suite or heading there fast. Your proud of your career, but wondering what else there is. Now it’s all about your legacy and defining what really matters.  WE CAN ADVISE YOU.

 You stand out in the crowd and you’ve always been “the one to beat.” Now you’re struggling and confused, feeling undervalued, underpaid and overworked. LET’S BREAK THE CYCLE.

 You set the bar in school. Just beginning your career, you’re already setting the pace at the office. Wondering which is the right path to ultimate success? WE CAN HELP.

 You’re in college – maybe for a STEM program studying math, engineering, science or business – and one of few women in your major. Or maybe you’re a parent of a genius Ms. Einstein. WE HAVE ANSWERS.

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