Women Entrepreneurs: Are You in Love? 3 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Brand

Women Entrepreneurs: Are You in Love?
3 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Brand

It wasn’t until I spent 6 months creating she{ology} by dr. robyn mckay that I realized the importance of the branding process. And trust me, it took more than reading Branding for Dummies for she{ology} to come to life. Now that it’s here, I’m totally in love with my brand. Of course it will continue to evolve, but really…she{ology} is here to stay. 

Here are three ways you can fall in love with your brand

1. Invest in your brand. Too often, women entrepreneurs treat their businesses like a personal growth project. (Of course, you do grow exponentially when you have your own business…but the point of being in business is to make a profit and help lots of people, right?)

Yet, rather than invest in their brand by hiring experts, many women entrepreneurs take the DYI approach. They read books, try to learn html, use amateur photos, barter with their friends, and hope for the best. Unfortunately DYI only goes so far. If you want your brand to stand out from the rest, you’re going to have to invest in it. 

2. Romance your brand as you would prepare for a new lover. Take your brand shopping. Get professional photos taken. Hire a stylist. Hire a logo designer. Hire a website designer. Write strong, effective, concise copy. 

3. But before you do all of that (and here’s where I come in)…Get to know your brand. As a go-to expert or a high-profile leader, YOU are your brand.

As a leader or go-to expert, your brand should represent you, at your best.  For you, getting to know you means getting to know yourself – really well: your strengths, your talents, and even the features of your personality – like anxiety, self-discipline, or shyness – that might stop you from achieving the success you desire.

In the scientifically {you} coaching programs, you discover your unique personality assets, and your Entrepreneurial Success Limiters.  And that’s just the start.

As you become clear about who you are, you gain confidence in what you have to offer the world. From this place, falling in love with your brand is easy. Because you’ve remembered how to fall in love…with yourself. 

As always, I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, tell us what you’re doing to take your brand to the next level. And be sure to to add to the conversation by commenting on other’s posts as well.

Love you guys,


PS: Are you ready to fall in love…with your brand? 

The scientifically {you} 60-day coaching program is igniting women’s brands so they can work with their ideal, high-end clients, make more money, and create lifestyles that allow them time for travel, shopping, and family. <<You can check out the details here>>

If you’re ready to design a brand that you love, set up your free 30-minute Brand Analysis Session with Dr. McKay, email: robyn@robynmckay.com.




  1. What I am really “GETTING” from this post and our work together with you as my INCREDIBLE coach is that in order to fall in love with my brand, I must first FALL IN LOVE WITH MYSELF. Finding out what it is I deeply desire, who I am in my own fullness accounting for all of my strengths and areas for growth, taking it all in as I breathe out my own loving in the world. Doing what I need for myself must come first in the process of creating my brand and ultimately a business and life I love. Your unique and exquisite scientifically {you} process has really peeled back the layers to begin this process so that the true me can blossom. And all I can begin to say is thank you!

    • Robyn McKay

      Elise, yes! Fall in love with yourself and allow your vulnerability, your flaws and your gifts shine through the brand you’re creating. Keep going! xo

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