women entrepreneurs: what’s blocking you from making money?

Women Entrepreneurs:
What’s Blocking Your Ability to Make Money?
3 Personality Traits that Could Limit Your Success
{and what to do about it}
Part 1 of 2

Let’s say that you’ve been in business for a couple of years. You’ve got all the structures in place that you need to be successful as a service-based professional with an online business. You’ve invested your savings, used your credit cards, borrowed from friends and family.

In return:

  • You’ve got a merchant account, an InfusionSoft account, and your website is reasonably passable.
  • You know your target audience. You’ve designed your programs and packages.
  • You send out ezines to your smallish list, on a semi-regular basis.
  • You’ve taken enough classes business development to know you’re not supposed to discount your fees or “over-give” in your packages and programs.
  • You’ve immersed yourself in wealth consciousness books…and prayer.
  • You absolutely know that you’ve got to stay positive – even if it kills you.

And what do you have to show for all your work, financial investments, and intention?

Occasionally, clients – your ideal clients, actually – find their way to you.

And yet, in your quiet moments, you wonder why you’re not having the success that you desire. You’d like to have a waiting list of ideal clients. You’d like to have your own TV show or book deal or travel internationally – just like your mentors and role models.

You’d love to be spotlighted on your mentor’s stage as a Major Success Story – the one who’s taken her business into the stratosphere – 6-figures and beyond!

It’s frustrating, at best. Disheartening, too. In your darkest moments, you actually think about getting a day job. (It’s not a bad idea, sometimes. Just sayin’. )

As it turns out, you can have all the structures in place, do everything that your mentors and coaches have recommended and still not make the money you’d like.

What’s the problem? Success, to a large degree, depends on your personality. There are some people for whom success and achievement comes more easily than it does for others.

In my work with women entrepreneurs and their personal brands, I’ve identified 3 personality traits that have the potential to limit women entrepreneurs‘ success in business, what you can do about them, and positive psychology practices that help. (Today’s post covers 1 trait; traits 2 and 3 appear in Part 2.)

1. Depression – You don’t necessarily have to suffer from clinical depression – although it goes without saying that depression makes everything in life more difficult. You may simply be more prone to feelings of sadness, loneliness, guilt, and hopelessness.

What this means for your business: An online service-based business, like life coaching, largely depends on your ability to be visible. When your mood is low or you feel hopeless, you’re more likely to fade into the background – when what you actually need to do is to stand out. 

What to do about it: If you think you’re depressed, consult with your health care provider or psychologist and get support.

If you’re prone to sadness, loneliness, guilt, or hopelessness, know that your emotions will impact how willing you are to be available for sales conversations, discovery sessions, and even for promoting yourself and your business. If you want to be successful, it’s essential that you feel as good as you possibly can, as often as possible.

Below are 4 positive psychology strategies that that have been demonstrated by scientists to have a positive effect on your emotions.


Positive Psychology Strategies: When you feel good, you’re able to focus and be enthusiastic about your business. Use one or more of these practices regularly to help yourself feel as good as possible:

  • mindfulness meditation
  • regular exercise
  • being an active part of a community – on-line or in-person.
  • gratitude practices

As always, I’d love to hear from you: If you are prone to feelings of depression, what strategies to you use to help yourself feel better ASAP, so you can get back to business, close deals, make more money, and help more people? Leave your best ideas in the comments, below.



  1. Robyn,

    Thank you for shedding the light on this. There have definitely been times when my energy, mood and spirit have been low. And I know this reflects in my work. I found that being honest about it on my blog, not as is sharing too much information, but recognizing that I am off has helped. My self-care routine is a huge reason that I can maintain my high-energy and to quickly work through any bumps that come up…and we all know that they do come up. By doing those things on your list, as well as all I’ve learned that I NEED on a daily basis, I don’t slip into depression. (which has happened in the past).

    Thank you for sharing this very important perspective.

    • Thanks Robyn- and Elena- for shedding light on this- good reminders. This makes me feel encouraged that it doesn’t have to be ‘this’ way. I feel much more encouraged when I do hit those bumps as unwelcome as they may be.

  2. Oh yes! It’s all about feeling good and keeping your frequency HIGH…

    I find that the more passionate and in love with my brand + my vision I AM, the happier and more fulfilled I feel when I am living my life and working on my business. Of course, regularly connecting spiritually and staying present helps me stay in my power and in my Queen.

    Sending love!

    Jia Ni x

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