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High-performing women write about their transformations
as a result of working with Dr. Robyn

I wanted to thank Dr. Robyn McKay for helping me recognize and claim my potential, and my ability to create my own new future. Before working with Robyn, my life and career were in a holding pattern. As a psychiatrist, I was so focused on trying to “clear” my old patterns, family trauma, and make way for a new life, however, I forgot along the way that it is also important to move forward as we shed old parts of ourselves!

This past year I was hanging out in Kansas City, trying to figure out my next direction in life, getting body work, therapy, energy work weekly, and basically “chasing my tail” so to speak, and when I started working with Robyn in May, within a few weeks she helped me realize that I do not need any more education, I do not need any more “clearing” in order to create a successful career and personal life for myself, I am ready now! During our first Master Mind retreat in July, my assignment was to move to California by early fall, and begin my medical intuitive business.

So, I am now moving and in the process of designing my new business. My friends and family have also recently started commenting on how strong and self-confident I am.

Dr. Robyn helped me see that the life that I have always dreamed of having is here for me now, that it is not about working harder, clearing more drama, processing more dysfunction, it is truly about shifting my awareness to see my potential and my infinite possibilities.

I am over the moon thrilled that I have made this transformation in the past 4 months, and I am so grateful for Dr. Robyn.

I would recommend Robyn to women in medicine who are feeling burned out, wondering if medicine is the right field moving forward, or wanting to discover what other talents they may have that could create a rewarding and passionate career!

Kate Cole, DO
Integrative Psychiatrist,


I am an engineer with a background in aerospace and I’m an entrepreneur.

It was a great opportunity to be part of the sheology mastermind. It’s been such a wonderful experience! 

Working with Dr. Robyn has changed my perspective on where I have to focus.  She has given me the support and community that will help me to to stay on track with my new path.

I highly recommend that if you’re an entrepreneur, an engineer, or a professional that wants to discover new things, you’ll be surprised at all you learn!

Maritza Grijalva, Honeywell Areospace Engineer






Prior to working with Robyn, my life and career were ‘okay’, but I was striving to get out of the dollars for hours rut and was tired of taking insurance.
I knew I was meant for something better, and was determined to make more money and work in a more visible manner other than staying in my office hour after hour, holed up, with no visibility. While I was confident in my skills as a therapist, I wanted to serve in a larger way, and create a bigger impact.
 Because of this, I felt small, stuck, frustrated, and agitated, and knew I couldn’t work any harder. I knew something had to give, and I was approaching the place where that ‘something’ would be me.
After working with Robyn, my mental space transformed.
I began using the wealth consciousness principals that she teaches along with better understanding out my brain works. I found that I wasn’t alone, and that what works for me is following my own internal compass and not a pre-designed format of what some expert thinks I should be doing.
As a result, my life expanded.
My work expanded.
I began offering small programs to women, group programs, and a high-end retreat in a dream spot I’ve always wanted to stay.
My vibe shifted, and I have been standing in my power.

I now have a clear path. I have options – which I didn’t see before.

I am a blogger for the Huffington Post thanks to Robyn’s encouragement to write more (something everyone’s been saying my whole life, but Robyn was the catalyst that made me get off my butt and do it).

I recommend Robyn to any bright, high-achieving woman who wants to connect with their intuition, find clarity and strength, and step into the brilliant, beautiful life they know is there just waiting for them.
Christina McDowell, PhD Licensed Psychologist


alexisBefore working with Robyn, my life and career were boring and day-to-day with no real excitement or enjoyment in what I was doing.

Because of this, I felt dissatisfied, disheartened and was depressed and anxious a lot of the time.  After working with Robyn, this transformation happened and I found…well, I found myself.

I had been lost for many years and now, because of Robyn, I enjoy going to work and participating in activities that I had let go by the wayside as well as new activities that I have always wanted to try.

Now I feel as if I am living again, and my life is in fully colored 3-D.  I would recommend Robyn to women in my field who are struggling with feeling as if they belong, finding enjoyment out of life, and finding themselves after college and who desire to truly be themselves and enjoy the wondrous life that we have been given.

Alexis Spiker, Aerospace Engineer at Honeywell





“Robyn has given me the confidence to just go for it…”

Before coaching with Robyn, I was stuck on who my ideal client was and how I could best serve them.

I knew I wanted to make my business a success but I was scared to put myself out there.

Robyn helped me to clarify my brand – to identify what my strengths are and helped me see where I am uniquely different. Since working working with Robyn, I’m going for my dreams 110% and have super clear direction on what I need to do to bring in the money whilst still being a present mum to my 2 young kids.

Robyn has given me the confidence to just go for it.

Just last week I lined up a speaking gig to position myself as an expert. Robyn is crazy smart (hello PhD?!) but also has a beautiful mix of intuition, fun and light heartedness to her coaching. 

Every time I get off the phone with Robyn I feel like I can take on the world.

My advice? Work with Robyn – you will be so glad you did!”

Siobhan Barns, Former Executive at Jones Lang LaSalle & Goldman Sachs
Founder of The Neon Life Society
Hong Kong


11834763_10100133854282948_6414524153621327343_oWhen I forget who I am, when I stop believing in my mission, Robyn is there.
Not like “kind of there”… but really and truly 110% in your corner.”

I met her in Paris.  She was wearing a leather skirt and talking about the psychology of smart and talented women. 

I loved her immediately, but I didn’t need a coach….because I am a smart and talented woman.  I’ve done things on my own for a long time now and it’s worked out pretty well for me…but what I have come to know to be true is that what got me to one level of success is the exact thing I have to let go get to the next level. 

Enter Dr. Robyn McKay.  

After struggling for a year in my DIY mentality, I got so bored with my own story I decided to reach out to her.  It was my SOS call.  I vented to her, I told her how frustrated I was.  I’m a freakin’ doctor and I cannot figure out target market! What the hell is going on?!

We talked. I got i
n my car and drove the Scottsdale the following weekend, where we spent hours getting my head on straight.  This is a woman who has researched and studied me-the high achieving woman;  studied what obstacles have the potential to derail a smart girl’s train.  She got me. 

Since I have been coaching with Robyn, I have talked to as many people in my target market as possible. I’ve connected with some of the coolest people I know.  I borrowed her confidence until my own moved from crawling to walking.  One thing I have noticed about Robyn in our work together is she is not looking to inspire clients.  She is looking for clients to inspire her…meaning that Robyn is so on fire for what her clients are contributing to the world that she shows up powerfully.  When I forget who I am, when I stop believing in my mission, she is there.  Not like kind of there…but really and truly 110% in your corner. Since we started working together I left one of my jobsI’ve become more boldI’ve gotten more accomplished in 1 month than I did all of last year, and I finally figured out my target market! 
If I’d started working with her in Paris when I first met her, who knows where I’d be now…

Davina Detrik, DMD, Cosmetic Dentist


11148670_10205050909567018_3825176700503541803_n“Robyn is helping me navigate through the next level of challenges I face, as I expand my brand, my calling, and my vocation.”

I decided to work with Robyn for three major reasons.
1. Her real-world experience with juggling the conficting demands between your dream job and your day job – and her ultimate exit into entrepreneurship (so inspiring!).
2. Her scholarly accomplishments in psychology – a field that’s similar to my own.
3. Her unique blend of warmth, genuine care, and direct communication.

This scope of both expertise and talent made her a natural choice to help me navigate through the next level of challenges I face as I expand my brand, calling, and vocation. Not only that, but I’m well on my way to completing the first draft of my book: The Buddha and The Bombshell.
Stay tuned…

Fawn Cheng, expert in Buddhist psychology & mindfulness + international fashion stylist

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