fall in love...
with {your} brand.
i dare you.

the world needs
your leadership,
vision & passion.

she{ology}: the psychology of
talented girls & women.

the science of {you} =
spiritual intelligence +
creativity + personality.

  • the science of {you}

    Data counts. Start with a {scientific} assessment of your intelligence, creativity and personality – so you find your voice, be yourself, and find your place in the world.
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  • data-driven coaching

    {scientifically} you: the data-driven coaching program for multifaceted, high-potential women who desire to be the next highly-visible leader in their profession..
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  • Psychology of Women Making Money

    For entrepreneurs, the science of positive psychology underpins the creation of wealth and well-being..
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  • Corporate Programs

    Women in STEM, healthcare and business are uniquely suited to change the global economy through innovation and leadership. Is YOUR ENTERPRISE ready?.
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She'll help you troubleshoot money blind spots that interfere with your success. It's more than just coaching - Dr. McKay's psychology background allows her to connect your thoughts with the "why"behind them. It's powerful... You'll leave the call completely inspired!

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